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Tuesday, Sep 10, 2013
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Statue & Rocks This Easter Island statue and rocks were made by Allen and Anthony Thompson of A&H Decor Plus, Innerkip, Ontario, Canada.
Bringing it in on Budget   A work of art is the result when using the right material, tools and technique.

Our Vertical Stamping System 

The world of Fossilcrete encourages creative concrete design that captures natural textures, plant and animal life with exquisite realism and detail.

Fossilcrete Vertical Stamping System is a revolutionary, patented system that consists of a unique, lightweight, Vertical Stamp Mix along with specially designed tools and colorants. Fossilcrete bonds to most surfaces, is water resistant, and unequalled in flexural and compressive strength. Fossilcrete also carries the largest variety of natural fossil and animal track stamps in the world, along with reusable concrete counter edge, cantilever deck, and step forms.

Use Fossilcrete tools, skins and texture mats to create concrete sculpture that sends water cascading through knotholes, tree limbs, boulders and cliff panels – each piece crafted of concrete…accent flat or vertical concrete with subtle authentic accents…texture and stain interior or exterior walls with a growing selection of natural stone patterns…or create concrete countertops and custom furniture with a signature, organic edge. With Fossilcrete, anything is possible.

Apply Fossilcrete’s Vertical Concrete Mix and Vertibond™ polymer to basic structure supports to form true-to-life rocks, boulders, weight-bearing diving rocks, waterfalls or stone bridges…Create lifelike trees using our bark, barewood and knothole stamps…or combine all our tools and techniques to shape signature sculpture for home, landscape or other purposes.

Fossilcrete provides the total package needed for any project; commercial, residential, interior or exterior – Fossilcrete easily transforms imagination into reality! In 2006, Fossilcrete was honored with the prestigious Expert’s Choice Most Innovative Products Award in the decorative concrete category, at the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas.

We have distributors all over United States and Canada to help you with your project needs. Our distributors offer training programs and technical support to provide the installer with the knowledge required for using Fossilcrete.


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